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I create in the realms of brewing, music, and writing.

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Updated 2017-05-10.

I'm still living in Seattle after all this time (born and raised) and Seattle Beer Week has returned for its 9th iteration. The 5th one was when I was inspired to start homebrewing after going to an event every day that year, and while this year's Beer Week isn't inspiring anything beer-related, I have enjoyed a few events so far.

As for what I'm doing now:

  • Practicing mindfulness in all of my affairs after a lapse in doing so.

  • Working on a new EP to be added to my Albums page in the near future. It's very ambient and coming together well so far.

  • Contemplating how to better optimize this site. I have ideas, but I haven't really had time to implement them (save for the Albums page).

  • Taking on the epic task of downsizing 37 years (roughly) of accumulated clutter, whether it's physical or electronic. Progress is being made, but there's still a long way to go. In a similar vein, I'm approaching and meeting some larger tasks I could have taken care of years ago. I'll be more specific once I complete them.

  • Doing my best to keep my weight stable - I'm fluctuating between 209 and 213 and have been for the past few weeks. I can still lose some more, but I'm going to try not to for a week or two. I'm 6'2" for reference.

  • Enjoying the time I get to spend with a special lady. Our schedules are usually only compatible on Sundays, so we spend as much time together on those days as we can.

  • Thanks to Derek Sivers for the idea to create this page! Here's my profile page on NowNowNow if you're interested.

    This is a page that Jason built.