Jason Vincion
I create in the realms of brewing, music, and writing.

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Updated 2017-03-27.

Diminishing - an article about how quickly things have been diminishing in my life. Posted 2017-04-18.

Remembrance - an article about how seven years have passed since I had to put down my childhood pet. Posted 2017-03-27.

Balancing - an article about how I've found balance after a period of tumultuousness. Posted 2017-03-22.

Purging - an article about how I'm resolving internal conflicts. Posted 2017-03-01.

Changes - an article about how I'm approaching life after two significant changes transpired concurrently. Posted 2017-02-06.

Reflection - an article about how I'm reflecting on the activity of the last three weeks and preparing for the new year. Posted 2016-12-31.

37 - an article about how I spend my birthdays planning for the next year and what those plans will be. Posted 2016-12-10.

Focus - an article about how focusing for thirty days straight on one project opened my mind up to further creativity. Posted 2016-11-30.

Intention - an article about how creating intention helped me to further pursue goals. Posted 2016-10-29.

Opportunity - an article about how I transitioned from working for the government to brewing beer for a living. Posted 2016-10-11.

Reboot - an article about how rebooting this website is in congruence with my new mindful approach to life. Posted 2016-09-24.

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