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Posted 2016-09-24.

I rebooted this site about a week ago for one specific reason: it's congruent with the recent changes I've made in the way I choose to live life.

The catalyst for these changes was a party I went to about a month ago, wherein my lack of control over the amount I indulged (and the consequences thereafter) opened my eyes to the lack of mindfulness in my approach to life.

None of the consequences of the overindulgence were dire (just uncomfortable) and I even felt pretty good the next day, which led me to believe I had been given a free pass and should make the best of it.

Since then, I focus on being more mindful in the way I engage with the world.

I spend time every day working on projects that help to declutter my mind or my living space, which will give me more time (once I'm done) to work on projects that could be beneficial to myself and others.

I've become more conscious about the amount of calories I consume and have lost 10 pounds from that simple change.

I track the amount of time I spend on different tasks and question what the specific goals of working on those tasks are, as well as what would be the next logical step to take once those goals are achieved.

There are more examples, but the point is that I'm taking small steps towards living a more mindful life with the future goal of being able to spend less time cleaning up things I've left in my wake and spend more time creating things beneficial to myself and others.

The website reboot is yet another small step towards a more mindful future.

This is a page that Jason built. Next article.