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One Sample Dare
Updated 2017-04-18.

One Sample Dare is a competition that originated on the Ambient Online Forums wherein the participants create an ambient piece out of a sound sample supplied by the previous winner. The competitions transpire about once a month and I've taken quite the liking to it, as the fellow participants are all supportive and super-chill (as one might expect from people on an ambient music forum).

Currently this competition has been paused, as the Ambient Online Forums have been taken offline due to an ad-serving malware attack. The hosts of Ambient Online have set up an Indiegogo campaign to help raise funds to repair the site after the attack and potentially build a new-and-improved forum.

One Sample Dare #50

For this edition of One Sample Dare, I was tasked with turning a sample from the S-Bahn into an ambient piece, which I managed to do without much issue. I also found some hidden harmonics by running the sample through Audiobulb Ambient a couple times, which gave me a solid backbone to work with.

One Sample Dare #49

For this edition of One Sample Dare, I was tasked with turning a sound transmission from receiver 42a at the Goldstone Deep Space Communications Complex into an ambient piece, and let me tell you - the sample is a fascinating listen in itself. Also, after doing poorly in the previous One Sample Dare competition, I added a new tool to my repertoire, which was Audiobulb's AMBIENT. At roughly $13 US, it's probably the best value I've received from any software I've purchased - it can do so much. My entry tied for third this time, so I'm glad I decided to expand my toolkit!

One Sample Dare #48

As I won One Sample Dare #47, I was again tasked with collecting samples for this competition. I took my portable recorder to Strange Brewfest in Port Townsend and recorded some crowd noise during the festival, which the participants were tasked with deconstructing and turning into ambient pieces. My entry didn't do very well, so I am returned to the task of merely coming up with a piece, which is fine by me!

One Sample Dare #47

As I won One Sample Dare #46, I was tasked with collecting samples for this competition. I wrote of collecting samples from the brewery I work at, so I had to make good on my words. I picked up a portable recorder and startedcollecting various sounds from the brewery, then posted the samples and people got to work. I somehow managed to win again (!) and was tasked with coming up with another sample to work with.

One Sample Dare #46

This was my first entry in the competition and transpired during the time when I still had the grand idea of having each of my ambient pieces fall under a label, such as Shadowscapes (as seen below), Lightscapes (shorter versions of the ambient24 pieces), and so on. Thankfully, I nipped that silliness in the bud, but the piece that came out of it got a really good response and I ended up winning the competition!

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