Jason Vincion
Head brewer at Outlander Brewing and ambient musician.
My music is on Amazon, Apple Music, Bandcamp, Google Play, iTunes, Microsoft Groove, and Spotify.
You can also find me on Ello, Instagram, SoundCloud, Twitter, and YouTube.
Feel free to contact me at mail@jasonvincion.com.

The idea of intention relates to the last article I wrote on opportunity, as I don't believe that any of the opportunities I've received would have shown up in my life had I not put out the intention that I was looking to change certain aspects of it.

This applies to both the brewing and the administrative assistant work – with the latter, I created the intention of working full-time and pursuing creative projects on the side, because I thought the types of music I pursued then (extreme metal and experimental electronic) were too abstract to make a living from because they weren't popular enough.

With the former, the intention was created through my intense absorption of beer and beer knowledge, as well as showing up for many beer-related events to meet people interested and involved in brewing, and most importantly, learning how to brew and brewing regularly.

My intentions continue to shift as time passes and the many realms of life (personal, work, local) continue shifting their dynamics as well, though with my future intentions still not properly reined in, there hasn't been much forward progress with my new and renewed projects yet.

One intention that I recently shared on my Twitter page was the thought of entering this year's NaNoWriMo after not having done so for 13 years, which led to an additional 25-30 followers over the past week or so and adds another incentive (beyond whimsy) to follow through with that idea and go for it.

So, with the tasks of 50,000 words to write and more batches of beer to brew enveloping most of my November, the updates to this site next month will be minimal, though that just means I'm following through with my aforementioned intention.

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