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Today is my 37th birthday and I've used my birthdays since turning 30 to reflect on the past year and set my direction for the upcoming one.

My focus got fuzzy at the end of my 36th year, as I spent the last week of it doing little and in a mild state of low-sleep fog – thankfully I awoke with a fresh brain this morning and am ready to start planning.

The main idea in the back of my mind at the end of my 36th year was to focus on a way to make more ambient music, and in turn, create a small studio space that is more conducive to creating (mostly inspired by this thread over at the Ambient Online forums).

That said, I'm still immersed in clutter and remnants from my previous 36 years on this planet (give or take), and I need to put forth the effort to downsize the sheer amount of stuff that I have.

I have many things sitting around that I haven't used or even looked at in years, so I don't know why I'm making myself a steward for these items.

My biggest issue is that I tend to hem and haw at the idea of cleaning, but hey – I'm the one that created this mess, so I should be the one to clean it up.

I also need to focus my efforts without getting too distracted by other things, namely the internet, which I find myself surfing multiple times a day for whatever reason.

I read on Derek Sivers' now page that he's going offline as of the beginning of next year and while I don't plan to do anything that severe, cutting back on my internet time a great deal will help me allocate more time to achieving creative and cleaning goals.

36 had a musical focus that was a good precursor to where I'm at now – I spent the first half of it doing drone music, which led to the ambient24 project and has now led to the phases project, which is where I really want to stretch my ambient legs and work with looping short phrases of music at different speeds.

The idea for phases was inspired by a conversation with one of my fellow Dungeons and Dragons campaigners (and hosts of our campaign space) about Steve Reich's "It's Gonna Rain" and his use of loops going out of phase, which led me to want to work with phasing loops in more of an ambient setting.

I've been a fan of Steve Reich's work since first listening to "Music for 18 Musicians" many years ago and I really enjoy the way his "Piano Phase" piece evolves over its timespan with certain parts coming in and going out of the musical ether, so I want to try my hand at similar techniques and try to make some interesting pieces.

I also want to get my online musical presence more organized, and that's already being worked on through archiving all my old works in one local folder and preparing for an overhaul of all the places where my works are found.

I plan to streamline this page more, my old record label's page more, and put some of my offline works up on the record label's Bandcamp page (as well as my drone albums from earlier this year) to clear mine for the upcoming phasing works.

As far as the eight (now nine) different musical projects go, I'm not going to pursue that, as too many projects and not enough time is my road to ruin - at least there's the piece from the Shadowscapes project on Soundcloud that will remain there for as long as I can foresee.

On the other half of the spectrum, cleaning was less approached in my 36th year than I would have liked, but at least I managed a small amount of downsizing and got a music desk set up with a keyboard, pedals, and an amp underneath.

This year, I want to have my main work area more music-focused and have more room to create, so I'll need to spend a lot of time going through and getting rid of things.

In essence, 37 will be a year of cleaning and creating – 36 set the stage, now 37 will be the follow-through.

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