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2016-06-10: There's a new essay entitled Halfway to 37. I think the fortnight idea is a bust, so I'm just going to post new material when it's ready.

Punchfest Entries

The archives are here and remember: slaw is for everyone!


2016-05-30: Pocket Drone 2
Streaming: Bandcamp | YouTube

2016-04-26: Pocket Drone 1
Streaming: Bandcamp | YouTube

2016-02-03: Deep Space Drone 2
Streaming: Bandcamp | SoundCloud | YouTube

2016-01-05: Deep Space Drone 1
Streaming: Bandcamp | SoundCloud | YouTube


2016-06-10: Halfway to 37
2016-05-19: Fortnights of Productivity
2016-05-11: Shifting Focus
2016-04-23: Focusing Creativity
2016-04-20: A Break to Focus
2016-04-03: Branching Out
2016-03-16: Daily Creativity
2016-03-10: Pursuing Brevity
2016-02-17: The Urge to Purge
2016-02-10: Thank You Daniel Bryan
2016-02-05: Dealing with the Past
2016-01-20: Moving Forward
2015-12-31: Reflecting on 2015
2015-12-16: A Barrage of Drone
2015-12-13: A Future in Drone

Flash Fiction

2016-03-10: Boundaries

Earlier Projects

Concatenation Records - the record label I ran from 2007-2012. Many of my pre-drone works (under numerous project names) can be found there.

Dwelling of Duels - an online video game music cover competition that I participated in quite a bit when I was younger. The link leads to my list of works for the competition. I most recently submitted a track for the May 2016 duel.

SIGNALVOID - a compilation I submitted three one-minute tracks to under my Starrysea project. There's a lot of great works within the mass of music (there were around 100 participants).


I restarted this site just after my 36th birthday after wiping it clean for the umpteenth time. In short, I'm a man of few words unless I'm writing.

I've explored many realms and I've found my way in making beer, making music, writing, lifting weights, training martial arts, gaming, practicing sustainability, and living simply. This list will likely evolve in the future.


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